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Teddy Zetterlund – Product Coach

Nothing fails like success

“When a challenge in life is met by a response that is equal to it, you have success. But when the challenge moves to a higher level, the old, once successful response no longer works—it fails; thus, nothing fails like success.”

— Stephen R. Covey

The world is turning, in what many believes an unprecedented pace. More and more of us feel that previous successes are slipping away. Our models for how work works and how we view and perceive the world is suddenly working against us.

The VUCA acronym regained popularity recently, short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. A lot of problems arise when organizations use these conditions as an excuse for inadequacy or do not recognize, and adapt to, them.

Whatever a person or a company has done to be successful in the past will continue to work, until it doesn’t work anymore. Relying on what has worked in the past will eventually lead to failure.

Are you willing to let yourself become challenged and inspired? Learn new things? Try new things? And in the end, maybe even transform your view of how work works. If so, I suggest that you sign up for Citerus’ newsletter and have a look at our current courses.

Know that awkward, slow, uncomfortable feeling when you start to do something new or different? Feels like something's wrong. Nope! That feeling indicates you're starting to learn. If you want to learn something new, then it's a good sign and what you should be feeling.

— Mike Rother (@RealMikeRother) March 25, 2019

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